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Season Pass 16/17

A relaxing weekend at home gave me time to catch up on some long overdue blogging. It also reminded me that relaxing is boring, and we are so ready to get back to our happy place.

Here's a recap of all the fun we had throughout the 16/17 season at The Loaf. Can't wait for the crazy to begin next weekend.

December December 3rd Already more snow than last season December 10th Sugarloaf Christmas tree lighting

Dec. 17th Powder boards are out early
Dec. 28th
First race of the season. So amazing to watch and realize how much she learned last year.
Dec. 29th Fun on the Beach before the big storm
Dec. 30th  The bombogenesis delivered 3 FEET of snow. #FeetNotInches
Too deep for the boarders
Too deep for the 3 amigos
Dec. 31st  Family ski time

 Sami slaying it
Too cold for the Egyptians
January 8th Skiing is exhausting
January 14th
Charlie starts his transition to the dark side
January 15th Celebrating Charlie's 5th at The Rack with friends
January 16th

1st slalom race, a…

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