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Future Huckster

Up high in the mountains, where e're I do roam. I found a new playland, a new summer home.

On the shores of Lake Ossipee, nestled in among the pine trees, sits Camp Nellie Huckins, a place that holds a place in my heart right next to Sugarloaf. It's been over 20 years since I was a camper, but the memories of Huckins have stuck with me and I was excited to relive them with Logan during Mother-Daughter weekend. As you can see, she was excited to find out what it means to be a "Nellie girl." After unpacking our stuff into Cabin U and picking out our bunks, we walked to the waterfront, down the same root-filled path I would trip down everyday on my way to swimming or small crafts. 
Then it was off to the dining hall for dinner with all of the camp and Logan couldn't wait to stand up on the benches and sing.
After a campfire with s'mores, the girls of Cabin U did their capers and got ready for bed. Sleep did not come easy. The campers of Cabin U had a hard time s…

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